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Test and track everything

We’re really good at developing marketing and business plans, but we’ve observed that the marketplace is a moving target, so even the best plans need to be dynamic. And there’s always an opportunity to improve things by another 10% as we experiment and learn the unique characteristics of a market and a product or service.

And when you multiply all the 10% improvements in the marketing process, it adds up to real money –often the difference between making and losing money. That’s why it’s so important to test and measure everything.

Creative analysis

Unfortunately, tracking results is not as easy as it should be – especially for new companies with no history. Often a sale results from a combination of marketing events, and identifying the specific contributors requires some creative analysis. Most entrepreneurs don’t have the patience to log each activity and analyze results at a detailed granular level. They know they’re “leaving money on the table” but it’s a price they are willing to pay … until we show them all that money and demonstrate how we “found it.”

Marketing alchemy

We’ve acquired a large toolkit for tracking and measuring marketing results – much more than just watching sales and guessing what caused blips in a trend line. And we have a solid grounding in analytics – for both traditional and online media. If you’d like to deposit some of the money YOU may have left on the table, just let us know. We can definitely “play Midas” for you and turn your data into gold.

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