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Developing a realistic plan

Once you’ve determined that the basic business concept appeals to your target audience (and that you are not simply “drinking your own wine”), it’s time to figure out exactly what you need to do to make the business a commercial success.

We start by defining success: What do you want to achieve? How big? How fast? How will you know when you are successful?

Then we develop a strategic plan: How will you generate awareness? How long is the selling cycle? Where will the product be sold? What’s the price? What other marketing mix elements do you need to consider? How do they fit together … and what will they cost?

We’ll make a list of all the start-up expenses you can anticipate, and estimate ongoing production and delivery costs, as well as overhead expenses. We’ll project sales volume and costs by month for the first 3-5 years. We’ll begin to get an idea of what the business will look like and whether it can meet the goals you’ve set for it.

Then we’ll figure out whether it’s a good risk for you and any prospective investors: How long will it take to recover the up-front investment? What returns can you/they expect? What are the critical success factors, the risks, and the opportunities? What competition can you expect? How will you react to various competitive scenarios?

When we’re done, you’ll have a complete roadmap for your business start-up and a solid basis for seeking start-up funding.

This is a detailed and rigorous process, and we can guide you through it – or do it for you. We’ve done it for others in a broad range of product and service categories. Let us make this easy for you. You’ll have plenty to do when it comes to the product launch.Contact Dialogue Now


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