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Financing the business

Many times this is the most challenging aspect of launching a new business. It’s almost impossible to start a business without some investment capital, and most entrepreneurs have more ideas and enthusiasm than money.

Once you have a solid business plan and some objective research to support the embedded assumptions, the next step is to present your “baby” to the people with the resources to make it happen. And understanding what they will need is a discipline all its own.

You’ll want a concise executive summary that lets them know what you want from them, what you’ll do when you get it, and what outcome they can expect. You will also want to provide them with details about your research, the target audience, and critical success factors for your business. And, of course, you’ll want them to feel comfortable that the management and technology are in place and can deliver everything you’ve promised. Finally, you’ll want to provide detailed financial projections so they can see that it all fits together.

The “investor presentation” is perhaps the most critical step in getting a business off the ground. It needs to be a thorough and accurate presentation of the business plan, and it also needs to be packaged in a way that communicates your attention to detail and understanding of the investors’ needs.

We’ve done this for clients a number of times, and our success rate is 100%. The only time the client didn’t get funded is when he decided at the last minute that he’d do it himself (with family money). Perhaps the presentation was so impressive he wanted to keep it all in the family!

If you have a great idea and a marketing/business plan ready to go, we can put the finishing touches on it for presentation to prospective investors. The quality of the presentation will probably have as much impact on the investment decision as the actual analysis and “homework.” Don’t take the risk of losing out in the final step with a less-than-professional package for your plans.

Let us know what you need (and when), and we’ll take it from there.

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