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Dialogue Marketing Group is a management consulting firm specializing in strategic planning, product and corporate positioning, branding, and optimizing the elements of the traditional marketing mix. Since its founding in 1979, it has brought solid and innovative thinking to corporate clients across a broad range of industries, associations and product/service categories.
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Founder Michael A Goodman


Dialogue’s founder and president, Michael A. Goodman, is himself an experienced senior line manager, beginning his career as a Brand Manager with Procter & Gamble, then Director of Marketing for Frito-Lay and Vice President-Marketing at International Playtex. He has also owned, grown and run a number of small businesses himself, applying the lessons learned from large corporate clients to the needs (and budgets) of smaller clients.
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The Keys to Success


The keys to Dialogue’s long and successful track record are a thorough, in-depth approach to analyzing market/business problems, creativity in identifying actionable solutions to those problems and a pragmatic focus on implementation. Many projects are based on information uncovered in customer/consumer research and reflect a synergy from rigorous qualitative or quantitative research and insightful analysis of results.

In every case, Dialogue consultants are mindful of the need for actionable results, a bottom-line orientation and the right blend of entrepreneurial creativity with existing corporate and industry norms and procedures.

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