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  The Least Expensive Consultants are Often Most Expensive  

Having owned, grown, and consulted with several small and local businesses, we understand that consulting fees considered reasonable in a large corporate environment can be overwhelming for smaller businesses with limited resources. But that doesn’t need to mean they can’t benefit from those services and realize an attractive return on their investment in competent outside expertise.

The key is to understand exactly what you are going to get, what it’s going to cost, and how the result will generate more profit than the cost. The most expensive consultants are the ones who charge ridiculously low fees, give bad advice, and expect YOU to somehow convert their mediocre work into bottom-line profit.

We won’t do that. It’s bad business for us, and it’s certainly bad business for you.


A+ Consulting


We always deliver A+ work for our clients, and we do it at a fixed cost that’s
commensurate with the value of the project. We don’t work on an hourly or
per-diem basis – that just undermines the A+ attitude and commitment. It motivates us to be inefficient, and it charges the client for the time they spend bringing the consultant up to speed on their business.

Instead, we carefully consider each project before we even prepare a proposal. We want to know what you want, what it will take to deliver that A+, and what the real value of our work will be. We don’t ever want to charge more than a project is worth.

You should expect a healthy ROI on the consulting fees you pay. And if a project looks like it won’t payout for you, we won’t accept the assignment. We live by our reputation, and if we are not confident we can deliver an A+, we won’t play.


Fees That Are Fair


We’ve been consulting for a while now, and we know the value of a satisfied client. We understand that fees that are fair in both directions are a large part of the reason to select one consultant over another (or at all), and a key element in establishing a long and mutually-rewarding business relationship.

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