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When you’re right and the other guy is wrong, you often end up sitting across the table from each other and sparring with lawyers and the legal system. You might even end up in court, and the stakes could be very high.

And very often the key to prevailing in situations like these is having a third-party expert who can bring a kind of objectivity that’s impossible for you when you’re in the heat of battle. We’ve played that role on a number of occasions, and we delivered for our clients in each case.

Sometime the issue is a trademark or service-mark challenge. Other times it’s damages from a patent infringement, or a predatory pricing challenge. Still other times it isn’t a court but an industry review board and an advertising claim that has been called into question. And once it was an insurance company that didn’t understand marketing or business at all – so we taught them enough, as an expert witness, to settle out of court for several million dollars (paid directly to our client).

We’ve been through this drill off-and-on for many years, and we understand the role and function of expert testimony. If it’s a marketing or business issue, chances are we can carry the day for you. Just let us know and we’ll give you our own assessment, and we can plan a path forward that will generate the outcome you want.
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