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Because we’ve been writing business memos, reports, articles and books for a while, we’ve learned some “tricks of the trade” that let us write effective documents with a minimum of start-up time. The key is having the client think through the objective, explain the business need(s), and provide some insights into the target audience and how they think, what’s important to them, what words they use, and what the desired action is.

In addition to four successful business books (one as ghost-author), hundreds of proposals, reports and presentations, we’ve also created seminars – online and in-person – and training sessions, brochures, whitepapers, articles and press releases.

On a more micro level, we’ve written critical letters for clients where it was important to not only explain complex situations, but also persuade the recipients to take action that might not have been obvious. (So far we’re batting 1.000 in terms of results!)

And we’ve crafted concept statements for market research – to explain a product or service idea so that respondents can indicate their reactions and answer questions about what they like and don’t like before a product gets to market. This is a very specialized kind of copywriting, and we’ve learned how to maximize the chances of consumer acceptance at the concept stage as a result of our experience.

Then there’s online material – from blog posts to search advertising ads, to entire websites. We even got called to create a 142-character “positioning statement” for use on Twitter!

The common thread across all these assignments is thinking through the objective and strategy, understanding the target audience, and keeping the desired action clearly in mind throughout.

If you have a need for clear and persuasive copy, let us know. We’re really good at this and enjoy what we do. It shows in our work.
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