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Most small and local businesses have already figured out that it’s a good idea to have a solid web presence – a good website and listings in the popular directories. They may have also found that search advertising can generate significant traffic for them.

What most of these folks are forgetting, though, is the POST-CLICK MARKETING challenge: What happens AFTER the prospect clicks on an ad? After all, that’s when the real selling begins. Everything before that is just casual window-shopping.

Once a person has actually indicated enough interest to leave the page on which the advertising appeared, and figuratively step into the store or office, what do they see? Is it a generic website homepage? A menu or catalog cover? A picture of the storefront? A page full of copy describing products and services available?

That’s the job of POST-CLICK MARKETING: to pick up the ball and run with it after the prospect has shown enough interest to click.

A very special kind of marketing

And it’s a very special kind of marketing, one that most people get wrong. Either they are stuck in the pre-internet mode of thinking and want to “help” the customer a little too aggressively, or they are so excited that someone has shown interest that they want to be sure not to let them go, even if the prospect is not really interested.

The segmented landing page and total message match

The solution for this challenge is the SEGMENTED LANDING PAGE and zealous pursuit of TOTAL MESSAGE MATCH. Development and implementation of these tools are the new fine arts of effective POST-CLICK MARKETING. And that’s what we do. We take the folks who have clicked into the store, and move them through the conversion funnel on their way to a real-world purchase.
(“Ka-ching!” The sound of success.)

We can do this for you. We know what’s involved and where it will work (and where it won’t). Just send us a quick message and we’ll get back to you promptly. Together we can figure out whether this is right for your business or not.Contact Dialogue Now


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