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The other day my wife became frustrated because she couldn’t figure out how to do something on her computer. She’s very bright and she is usually very good at stuff like that, but this one didn’t seem to have an easy solution – at least for her.

After what seemed like an eternity (to her), she asked me for help. I immediately recognized the problem, right-clicked her mouse and selected another option. Presto! Problem solved.

She was grateful and relieved, of course, but then she also wondered why she waited so long to ask for help.

Recognize that "easy and obvious" feeling?

All too often we see that easy and obvious – but elusive – solution in consulting situations. The client is facing a challenge for which there just doesn’t seem to be a solution. Or all the obvious solutions cost too much, take too long, or won’t work the way the client wants them to.

In a state of extreme frustration they call the consultant. We look at the situation, remember when we dealt with a similar challenge in another industry for another client, and Presto! Problem solved.

That’s one of the great things about using an experienced, outside consultant who specializes in what you need – they’ve seen the problem before. They recognize similar challenges even though the industry is different, the terminology is new, and the market is completely different.

We can usually identify and overcome barriers to success in a fraction of the time it takes when you are too close to the problem. (It’s the “forest and trees” dilemma.) And many times, the solution is novel within the new industry, so we earn bonus points for creativity!

Let us help you next time you sense that building frustration. We might just come up with a solution that’s worth a lot more than you expect. Contact us by email and let us show you how it works.Contact Dialogue Now


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