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Creating awareness and generating qualified leads is the lifeblood of any business. Without a plan for delivering new customers to the sales funnel business will erode – quickly or slowly, but surely.

That’s why we pay special attention to the way new customers learn about your business and eagerly raise their hands when you ask “Who wants this solution?” We do it in advertising, at the point of sale, via the salesperson, online, and in other very creative ways.

And we do it in a consistent manner, so we can capture the intellectual synergy of multiple touches.

Our efforts center on three main issues:

  1. Making sure we understand the target audience and speaking directly and specifically to them;

  2. Communicating a clear, benefit-oriented message that tells them why they should buy from you and not a competitor; and

  3. Delivering a compelling call to action, or offer, that will get them to respond now.   

We’ve done this hundreds of times for both B2B and consumer products and services, and we know the process, steps and metrics that lead to success. We know how to do it selectively for local businesses, and we know how to scale-up the effort for broader coverage when that’s appropriate.

If you want greater awareness and more qualified leads for your business, let us know. We can do for you what we’ve proven we can do for other clients.
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