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“Setting marketing strategy” and “developing detailed marketing plans” sound like things they do in large companies – and very often large companies are leaders in these heady areas.

But there’s an irony in this: It’s really the smaller companies who need marketing strategies and plans even more than their larger counterparts and competitors. That’s because smaller companies can’t just “throw money at a problem” to make it go away, or spend their way out of a strategic dilemma.

Small companies have a strategic advantage

Moreover, it’s the smaller – especially local – companies that actually have a built-in strategic advantage. They can move faster, experiment and adjust more quickly, and know their customers better than a giant bureaucratic firm.

Because we have extensive experience working with large, mid-size and smaller companies, we have been able to adapt many of the lessons learned from extensive (and expensive) experience, and apply them to situations facing smaller businesses – with remarkable results!

The entrepreneur's advantage

It’s not always the amount of money you spend, but the way you deploy the resources you have … and the way you take full advantage of the entrepreneurial spirit that forms the underpinning of most smaller businesses.

We can apply some of those lessons to YOUR small business. Just give us a chance to show you how it all works. You’ll see what we mean by “marketing that captures an entrepreneur’s advantage.” Contact Dialogue Now


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