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Marketing a Cause

As in all marketing, it’s critically important to establish metrics up-front. If you don’t know how to measure a result, it will be impossible to create strategies and plans that will be successful. After all, what IS success?

Further, there’s almost always a cost to marketing – whether it’s a traditional consumer or B2B product or service, or a cause. If you can’t measure the result, you can’t determine how much “marketing” you want or need.


Setting appropriate goals
is the key

That’s why it’s so important – especially in not-for-profit situations – to set clear, measurable goals, and to actually monetize those goals, before you begin to execute a plan. This is probably the most common failure in not-for-profit marketing. And it’s therefore the most difficult to pin down in an organization that is focused on its Mission more than on the marketing process.

Fortunately, we understand this process very well, and we can lead your team through a process that identifies the needs, establishes the goal, quantifies it, and develops strategies to achieve it. We always keep our collective “eye on the prize” and measure the results of everything we do.

If you’re having trouble matching your marketing plans to your Mission, let us guide you through the process. It will almost certainly maximize your chances of delivering on the Mission.Contact Dialogue Now


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