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In a not-for-profit organization, one of the biggest marketing challenges is determining how much to budget for Marketing and how to allocate the usually-too-small budget across the applicable elements of the Marketing Mix.

A purist would start by defining the objective and then developing strategies to achieve that objective. The budget would be whatever it costs to execute the planned strategies. The problem with this is that very often the cost exceeds the value, so something has to give.

Either we need to find less expensive strategies that will still accomplish the objective, or we need to adjust the objective so it’s something we can afford. Usually it’s a combination.

We also need to consider both people costs and “hard” costs. After all, good people cost money just like television or radio time.

We’ve been through this drill many times in both not-for-profit organizations and businesses – large and small. We can almost certainly save you time and money, and get you to the objective faster than the old (and often too-familiar) trial-and-error method. We can frequently bring learnings from other clients in other situations that will prove to be new and remarkably effective in a not-for-profit environment.

Let us know how we can improve your marketing effort. We’re good at this, and we’re ready to go.Contact Dialogue Now


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