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In marketing consumer products or B2B services, we focus on the core benefit that the customer is seeking and that we can deliver in some distinctive way. In not-for-profit the challenge is a little different. We need to identify the target audience for which our cause, or Mission, is likely to be most important, and then offer them a clear statement of the Mission so they will immediately become engaged.

A good example of this might be appealing to dog lovers if you’re a local dog shelter in need of volunteers to train and walk dogs in your care. You would want to make it clear that your mission is to ensure a safe and nurturing environment for homeless pets while they await adoption. How could a dog lover object to that mission?

Without appreciating the Mission, it’s unlikely a prospective volunteer (or donor) will be motivated to take the desired action – volunteering, in this case.

Communicating a Mission isn’t easy

And it’s usually more difficult to communicate a cause or Mission than a product attribute. It’s easy to understand softer, stronger, longer-lasting than saving people or animals from suffering as a result of some condition that may be largely unfamiliar to the target audience. And if it’s a donation you want, they probably want to know how the money will be used, what difference it will make, and why your cause is the one they should support.

Critical skills are the same

Understanding the target audience and clear, persuasive communication are at the heart of marketing, and we’ve learned to apply those central skills to not-for-profit causes with the same discipline and effectiveness as if we were selling automobiles or apparel.

If you need communication materials and strategies that will help your not-for-profit organization achieve its objective, we’re ready to deliver for you. Just let us know the goal and we’ll take it from there. Contact Dialogue Now


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