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Michael A Goodman

Dialogue founder Michael A Goodman is an experienced marketer with both an analytical bent and a natural curiosity that frequently leads to creativity and actionable insights for his clients.

As a consultant he has served corporate giants like DuPont, IBM, International Paper, PepsiCo and Kraft Foods, among others. He has also been instrumental in developing marketing and business plans for fledgling start-ups and smaller, family-owned businesses. He is able to successfully apply the learnings from corporate clients to the needs of smaller – often local – businesses.

Before becoming a consultant, he was a Brand Manager and Copy Supervisor at Procter & Gamble, Director of Marketing at Frito-Lay, and VP-Marketing at International Playtex. And earlier he was a Systems Engineer at IBM and adjunct professor teaching Marketing Strategy and Market Research in the Xavier University MBA program.

His formal education includes an undergraduate degree in industrial engineering from Purdue University, a master’s degree in business, and PhD-level studies at Stanford University in marketing/business.

He is author of four business books, two of which are still in print, and he has been a leading expert on the MarketingProfs Know-How Exchange for several years. As a true student of Marketing, he has been instrumental in helping businesses adopt and integrate internet-based media into their marketing mix.


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