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There’s a very good reason why Pricing is one of the 4 mnemonic P’s of Marketing: It’s the ultimate expression of what YOU think your product or service is worth.

And because Marketing is the process by which you define and communicate with your customers, meet their needs, and create loyalty for future sales, it’s obviously important that your pricing strategy be in sync with the other P’s – Product, Place and Promotion. (We might argue that a fifth P – Positioning – belongs at the core of Marketing, so that there are really 5 P’s, but we’ll bow to tradition and convention for now, and save that discussion for another time.)


The conventional approach to pricing

It’s particularly curious, given this view of Marketing and the 4 P’s, that many business managers think of pricing as a way to recover costs and earn a profit. They’re thinking of the “money mechanics” and the financial aspects of a business.

And Sales people see pricing as an objection commonly heard from customers – the reason why they might lose a sale to a more-aggressive competitor.

Fortunately, we’ve come up with a way to bring all of these perspectives on pricing together and actually reach consensus on a pricing strategy that satisfies everyone. It’s a process that starts at a high level, considers overall objectives and strategies, and then taps the knowledge of those in an organization to logically develop a pricing strategy that works best for the company.

Proven effective in the marketplace

We know this sounds remarkable. But it has worked in both consumer and B2B business units, for large and small companies, and even in a complex distribution environment with customers around the globe.

If pricing issues are creating conflicting goals in your organization, maybe you should consider another approach. Let us know if we can help. Simply send us an email message, and we’ll take it from there.

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