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Perhaps the most interesting facet of Marketing is customer/consumer psychology … getting inside customers’ heads, learning what they really need and want, what values and beliefs underlie their behavior, and what they currently do, what attitudes they harbor, and … well, what makes them tick.

That kind of deep understanding, of course, is what drives real Marketing. And it’s what leads smart marketers to better ways of satisfying consumer needs with new products, services, line extensions and valuable offering elements that set them apart from competition.

Learning what the market needs

Often the process begins with some form of market research – formal or informal – in which the marketplace tells us what it wants. That input is “translated” into a product development work request, and the output from R&D is a new product prototype. We expose that solution to the target audience and let them “vote” on whether it’s what they want or not. If they love it, we bring it to market and have a big winner.

But when it’s not perfect the first time out, many clients miss the opportunity to learn from what they’ve done and transform the frog into a prince.

That’s one of the things we do when a client asks us to get involved in the new product development process. We design the process with self-correcting adjustments built-in, and we track customer reactions from beginning to end, so there’s no surprise AFTER the big launch.

We’ve done this with big companies and small ones, consumer products and B2B – and we’ve learned a lot about how to minimize cost and risk, and maximize profit and the speed with which we can bring a new idea to market.

Let us help you with your new product planning. You’ll probably be amazed at how well the process runs and how effective we are at identifying winners early-on.

Just send us an email message describing your needs, and we’ll take it from there.

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