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One reason so many businesses don’t meet their goals is that the goals were not realistic in the first place. They were based on someone’s WISH or on the belief that all stockholders believe that growth is good, and more growth is better.

Growth isn’t bad, of course, but sometime the basis for goal-setting needs to be tempered with a dose of reality. Growth, after all, isn’t always free. And if the cost of growth is greater than the benefit, maybe growth shouldn’t be the only goal.

When we address a marketing (or a business) plan, we always start with the goal. Then we develop a strategy (or a set of strategies) for reaching that goal. Then we apply some common sense as we determine what it might cost to achieve the goal by following the strategy we’ve defined. Often we realize that the cost is greater than the value of reaching the goal … or that we simply don’t have a budget that will allow us to pursue the strategy.

At that point, we have two options – either find another strategy that won’t cost as much, or adjust the goal to a level that is more affordable. It becomes a process of iterations … first one approach, then the other … until we find the right combination.

We have a large toolkit, of course, based on what other companies have done in parallel situations, what worked, and what didn’t. But it doesn’t take long to realize that there are no universal “silver bullets” when it comes to marketing. That’s why detailed planning – adjusting goals, strategies, and marketing tools – is so important.

We’re good at planning too. Let us show you how creative we can be … and how we can lead you to a marketing approach that will fit your budget AND deliver your objectives at the same time.

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